About Marquise Jewellery Atelier

Marquise Jewellery Atelier

Marquise Jewellery is a brand with a vast collection of exquisite, curated jewellery that suits your lifestyle. Our fine artisans seal our jewellery pieces with a promise of high quality craftsmanship using genuine, natural stones.

We offer customisation as well to create that perfect ring just for you. Our ring collection embody elegance, allowing the stones’ natural beauty to emanate their unforgettable allure. Each of our design carry a message of enduring love with its incredibly light, sinuous and wearable pieces.

We draw inspiration from the gift of nature that surrounds us. Flaunting a vibrant, sophisticated and colourful interpretation in each of our jewellery pieces, we are confident that a Marquise will create a lasting memory for you.

Take it home and bask in its glow. Like nature, Marquise is, timeless.